154 Days Until Summer

Once again, as Fall has moved into Winter, updates to this site have been more than a little lacking. Actually, they’ve been non-existent. I know, I know … not the best way to gain (or even keep) followers. Summer really can’t come soon enough! On the upside, the winter solstice is behind us and each day is once again giving us SLIGHTLY more daylight hours (or minutes) to enjoy. The downside being that warm weather remains a distant memory. And hope. This was particularly true as I took to the roads on my winter (aka. beater) bike. However, despite the cold, wind, and snow, it was a generally successful ride … the ice hiding under the snow only got the best of me once – with no damage being done to either bike or body. But it does make we wonder if this is why skis were invented … then again, where’s the challenge in that?


3.5 months for it to grow.
Mere minutes for it to go.

With my originally “planned” return date having passed, it seemed like it was time to put the final closure on this year’s ride. I know, I know … you thought that was the point of the previous post. What can I say, I’m dragging it out. Side note: I didn’t REALLY have a “planned” return date … more of a general idea that I would likely be back in Ontario in early October. Although the thought of continuing back over to Florida HAD occurred to me.

Anyway, with my trip officially cut short, it was time to do the same to my travel beard. Sigh. Just as it was starting to get unruly too. Okay, maybe it was getting unruly a while ago. At least it was itchy.

If all goes well, this image documenting the demise of my travel beard should be animating. If it just appears as a still … well, then all didn’t go well. I haven’t made a lot of animated GIFs and have had mixed results as to whether they play or not. On the upside, it appears to be working on my computer. On the downside, you’re probably not reading this on my computer.

And no, I’m not sure if this particular animated GIF was a good idea. As is often the case, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Fortunately, I can always UN-post it.

And That’s a Wrap

Hard to believe it’s been a month since my last day of pedalling. On or off the bike, life still speeds along. I continue to be feeling much better although some blood work numbers dispute some of those feelings. The recovery saga drags on. On the upside, I think I finally have all my updates posted including those covering my India excursion as well as my final day on the road. Oh, and a rant. Or two.

Somewhat unrelated, I discovered this map today. It, or something like it, probably would’ve been a good addition a few months ago. Oh well, next time.


And with that I guess the books are pretty much closed on this year’s not-at-all uneventful adventure. Since most of my other updates end with some trip totals, it seems only fitting that this one should too.

Trip totals:
Distance: 5,168.24 km (3,211.4 mi)
Ride time: 238:58:05
Average speed: 21.63 km/h (13.44 mph)
Average distance: 99.39 km (61.76 mi)

Maximum distance: 263.65 km (163.82 mi) – July 11, 2019
Longest ride time: 10:21:40 – July 11, 2019
Maximum speed: 70.87 km/h (44.04 mph) – July 31, 2019

Fastest average speed: 27.10 km/h (16.84 mph) – August 6, 2019
Slowest average speed: 15.08 km/h (9.37 mph) – July 26, 2019

States visited: 14
States pedalled: 13 (There was no pedalling in Nevada)

Favourite Day:
June 26: The Hoosiers Experience


Favourite Sight:
Devils Tower


… and now, I guess it’s time to lose the travel beard. Maybe.


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