Smooth As Silk

Silkworms are pretty impressive.
And kind of cute.

Today’s attempt to get some close up footage of the silkworms was a good idea but not necessarily well executed. Low light and constantly moving worms make for some challenging macro footage. Stills would’ve been more successful but we’re here to shoot video. Hopefully we can use at least SOME of today’s footage.

Anyway, I managed to take a few less than ideal stills from the video for the gallery. Side note: this gallery doesn’t have NEARLY as many photos as those from the safari. The “problem” with shooting so much video for the documentary is that there hasn’t been much opportunity to take “travel” photos. Although, maybe fewer photos with me in them might be for the best! Speaking of photos with me in them, I’ve had one comment that I look like I’m possessed by the devil in the photo to the right. Anyone else think that? Just curious.

That said, things have been going well here. Weather has been good … dry, of course (although it actually rained a bit last night and this morning. A very bit). On Sunday (or maybe Monday), Gage and I are flying to, well … somewhere in western Kenya for more shooting. It’s my understanding that it’s a 30 minute flight followed by a two hour drive to our destination and I think we’re there for one night. And that’s about all I know about it.

More to come.

Back To Kenya

This may look like a sunset but it’s actually a sunrise … in Tanzania.

After spending a couple of nights on safari in Tanzania, the time has come to return to Kenya and turn my attention to the real reason I’m in Africa.

That said, the drive back to Kenya was beautiful and offered unexpected views of Mt. Kilimanjaro. I say, “unexpected” because we didn’t see it on the drive to Tanzania. It was a bit of a hazy view of it but it was great to see it again. Sometimes it seems like it was SO long ago since I was at the top. And other times it feels like it was yesterday. Either way, the experience of being at the top of Kili was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Oh, and in response to Tara’s post in the Guestbook (thanks for the post, by the way), I’d like to be able to say that Africa is hideously ugly and dull and only through my unique and brilliant photographic talents am I able to make it look like a beautiful place. In reality, Africa is stunning. Perhaps that’s an understatement but for now I’ll stick with stunning. Or, maybe truly stunning.

This Will Be VERY Short … Redux.

If you don’t like photos then this update is SO not for you. But if you like photos, well … this update should accommodate. Maybe TOO much.

Today was Day Two of our Tanzanian safari. Yesterday was Lake Manyara and today was spent exploring the vast Ngorongoro Crater. As you might imagine, the crater would be pretty spectacular even if it wasn’t full of wildlife. But, of course, it IS filled with wildlife which makes it more than pretty spectacular.

As would be expected, I took more than a few photos today. Maybe a ridiculous amount. That’s one of the reasons for the delayed updates. I’ve had to sort through all the photos … I mean, I wasn’t about to upload 370 photos. That seemed more than a bit excessive – even for me. That said, I probably could’ve been more selective with the photos I’m uploading tonight. But that would’ve taken more time and I’m already far enough behind on these updates. Sigh.

I can only imagine how great a drone shot (or two) flying high (and low) over the crater would’ve been but I’m guessing the authorities would likely frown upon such an activity. Side note: No, I didn’t actually consider bringing the drone on safari … but that doesn’t change the fact that it would be cool … assuming the wildlife wouldn’t be disturbed, of course.

Tomorrow we head back to Nairobi and then continue on to Wote to start work on the documentary. Well, that’s the plan anyway. We’ll see what happens. Regardless, Africa is still truly awesome. Did I mention I took a FEW photos today?

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