July, 2014

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A Busy Day of Rest


After yesterday’s long ride in the rain and wind, today was a much more relaxing day. Although, no less windy. It’s kind of funny, despite spending the night indoors I actually kept the window wide open for those soothing sounds of the outdoor world. I woke to the same soundingRead More…

It Had To Happen Eventually

Baie-Johan-Beetz, QC to Natashquan, QC

So, my last update ended with me in my wind blown tent, surrounded by mosquitos, as I listened to the waves roll up along the shore. With the exception of the mosquitos, that paints a pretty nice picture. Well, that picture changed a bit a few hours later. Around 2amRead More…

On The Road Again

Havre-St-Pierre, QC to Johan Beetz, QC

So, this update is obviously a little late. WiFi wasn’t exactly readily available but that’s getting ahead of myself … on with the update. For the first time in a month I’ve now spent three nights in one place. Weird. So, it’s now time to say au revoir to Havre-St-Pierre.Read More…

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