August, 2014

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A Day of Recovery

This will be a VERY brief update as it would seem yesterday’s long, windy ride to Halifax took a larger toll on me than I expected. After pushing through nearly 9 hours on the bike I was pretty much out of commission today. Literally. I felt terrible and slept mostRead More…

Not a Short, Leisurely Ride

Oxford, NS to Halifax, NS

My morning began with me feeling a bit better than last night but by no means was I at 100%. With another potentially long day of cycling ahead of me, I popped an Advil and got moving. That’s the first one I’ve taken on the trip. It should also beRead More…

New Brunswick Blows

Cape Jourimain, NB to Oxford, NS

Normally I start these updates with how the night went, then how the morning started, and then move onto the goal for the day. But I’m not going to do that this time. Not that there’s anything wrong with that format – it’s worked so far. But change is goodRead More…

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