Yesterday’s Update, Today

After a full day of rest yesterday (ie. two days ago), I woke this morning (ie. yesterday) feeling significantly improved but certainly not fully recovered. Who knew dehydration (and perhaps malnourishment) could have such an impact? Okay, probably most people. And I’m starting to believe it too. At this point I was still somewhat fatigued but not enough to prevent me from getting out and being a tourist for the day.
I met up with a couple of friends who wanted to check out Lawrencetown Beach – a popular beach for surfing. Now, I’m no surfer but it was definitely a very cool beach to see. And it seemed to be a good day for surfing – I base that solely on the fact that there were big waves and surfers on them. I won’t mention that the water was very cold.
We watched the waves crashing onto shore for a couple of hours and, hypothetically speaking, may have each enjoyed a contraband bottle of Iceberg beer (from St. John’s) while doing so. I’m not much of a beach person but it was a good afternoon. The sheer power of the Atlantic Ocean made it less like hanging out at the beach and more like watching nature do its thing.

DSC05611_SplitCrowHaving not eaten much during the day (I was still in mild recovery mode), I knew I had to get something once we got back downtown. So, once we returned I parted ways with my friends and headed out to find dinner. The upside was I didn’t have to decide where to go – I just had to find it. Extra special thanks goes to my cousin Nancy for both recommending The Split Crow pub and for buying me dinner and beer (courtesy of my new “Donate” button). It definitely would’ve been great to have you there! I didn’t quite get the full Split Crow experience as I was too early for the live music and my stomach was still fighting with me a bit. However, the Mother Loaf meatloaf and beers were excellent. And I loved the layout and feel of the pub. A refreshing change from the usual chain pubs and I can’t imagine I would’ve have found it without your tip!

Oh, and while I’m praising Nancy … She and Lynn and Alison also get a special thanks for solving the mystery of the yellow flowers, or are they plants? Either way, it’s mustard! It may not go with potatoes but it goes great with hotdogs and who doesn’t love hotdogs and french fries? Thanks for solving the mystery – I would never have thought of mustard. I mean, I just figured mustard comes from a jar.

Oh … I almost forgot, as I was walking to The Split Crow I found, and visited, my second Mountain Equipment Co-op on this trip. I really didn’t need anything but, as usual, it was a struggle not to buy anything. As it turns out, I limited myself to some replacement batteries for my cycling computer. Definitely my cheapest visit ever to MEC. Hopefully they don’t recall my membership!

After dinner at The Split Crow I cycled back to my motel to rest up in the hopes that tomorrow I would be fully recovered from this dehydrated shell I’ve become. Fluids, fluids, fluids. And food. So much to remember. sigh.

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