The Fine Art of Procrastination

My Final Sunday in Philadelphia

Final visit tothe dog park.

Final visit to
the dog park.

Today wasn’t exactly the most productive day I’ve ever had but the lack of productivity had the intended results I think I was seeking.  While I wasn’t actively trying to delay my departure I also wasn’t doing anything to hasten my exodus.  I did some work on the computer, took the dog for another walk over to the dog park, did some work on the computer, and slowly (ie. very slowly) started getting my stuff organized for a Monday morning departure from Philadelphia.

Despite being here significantly longer than planned, the one thing I still hadn’t done was make a trip up the street to London’s.  A place I always go when I’m in Philadelphia.  Well, that changed when it was decided that we would all go there for dinner.  I mean, who doesn’t love London Grill?  (Okay, probably anyone who’s never been there – but that’s only because they’ve never been there).

London Grill(Obviously)

London Grill

Considering we’re now only a couple of days away from October, the weather was beautiful and we were able to sit outside comfortably – no jacket required (as Phil Collins might say).  The meal was excellent – I had a burger that was taller than it was wide and a Yuengling lager.  Truly a fitting last supper.

With London Grill now checked off my imaginary “Things To Do” list, it was time to face the fact that my time in Philadelphia was nearing an end.  How sad.  However, the fine art of procrastination used earlier in the day left me unprepared for an early Monday morning departure.  Looks like I’ll have to stay one more day.

But barring unforeseen circumstances, the ride to Florida resumes Tuesday morning.  Rain or shine.

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