October, 2014

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Sand Is Overrated. It’s Just Tiny, Little Rocks.

St. Augustine, FL to De Leon Springs, FL

With my day of rest behind me, today was a return to my bike to resume my quest. I did most of my preparations last night so that I could get an early start without making too much noise – as expected, the hostel was pretty quiet at 7:00. JustRead More…

St. Augustine By Foot

Despite my apparent reluctance to take a day off, today I did just that. After twelve consecutive days of cycling covering a little over 1,100 km, today I went nowhere. Well, nowhere on my bike anyway. Instead, I took to the sidewalks of St. Augustine to see what I couldRead More…

Snowbirds Are Wise. Very Wise.

Yulee, FL to St. Augustine, FL

Early in this journey, many of my days began with packing up a wet tent – or desperately trying to dry my tent in an early morning sun. Today was a return to those days. As has probably been noted, my tent has seen limited action since I crossed theRead More…

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