Bring on Spring! And Summer!

White sandy bea .... uh, I mean, white snowy beach.

White sandy bea …. uh, I mean, white snowy beach.

It’s no Miami Beach … but then again, what is? That said, the beaches of Lake Huron in Grand Bend in March are surprising picturesque in a bleak and harsh kind of way.

Of the places I expected to be with my bike in March, Grand Bend was not one of them. Then again, I wouldn’t really expect me (and my bike) to be in Grand Bend in July either. And yet, it’s March and Grand Bend is precisely where I find myself … and I also find myself enjoying it. Granted, as you might expect, there’s not a whole lot of activity in a beach town in March – at least, not in Canada – but the quiet has been rather enjoyable. I’ve been able to do some work and have started formulating a plan for the next stage of my Midlife Crisis – because clearly, I’m happiest when I’m in crisis. Based on that, things are about to become purely blissful!

Plans are still somewhat vague at the moment so I’ll keep them to myself until I sort out a few things. But details are on the horizon … well, not literally. Until then, feel free to click on the image gallery icon to see all the harshness of Lake Huron in March. I think it’s safe to say that both my bike and I are eagerly awaiting Summer’s return. And a quick return to Spring wouldn’t hurt either.

And if by some chance you’re wondering what a March day in Grand Bend is like, well … ask and you shall receive. Actually, this video doesn’t really show much – other than the fact that it was a slow day and I apparently had some time on my hands.

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One Comment to Bring on Spring! And Summer!

  1. Julie-Ann Jordan says:

    Crazy!! Looking forward to the big reveal!

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