Seven Days

To say that this blog has been grossly neglected lately would be a gross understatement. Sadly, there’s been far too little blog-worthy adventuring of late. Actually, to say that there has been “far too little blog-worthy adventuring of late” would also fall into the “gross understatement” category. That needs to change.

It’s more than a little embarrassing that it’s been 56 days since my last entry. That’s 56 non-adventurous days. Okay, there may have been a few mini-adventures in that time but nothing really worthy of resolving my midlife crisis – from which I remain seriously afflicted. As such, I feel it’s time for another installment in the ongoing saga known as “Mark’s Midlife Crisis”.

But where, oh where, should I go? So many places, so little time (hopefully the former is more accurate than the latter). I could say that I don’t know where I’m going. But I sure know where I’ve been. Hanging on the promises in songs of yesterday and I’ve made up my mind. I ain’t wasting no more time, so here I go again. I COULD say that but I won’t because, well … I MAY have “borrowed” those last few words from somewhere else … then again, Spoiler Alert, I suspect I’m going to borrow a few more in the not-too-distant future.

Transporting my bike for its pre-trip tune-up(maybe I should've called CAA again)

Transporting my bike for its pre-trip tune-up
(maybe I should’ve called CAA again)

Anyway the good news is I have a plan. A vague plan. But a plan nonetheless. The grand plan is to pedal my way out to Vancouver. Actually, the grand plan is to go all the way out to Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island, but I’ll worry about getting to Vancouver first. Actually, I’ll worry about getting out of Ontario first since that will probably take about three weeks.

For those unfamiliar with cycling routes and prevailing winds, MOST people who cycle across Canada start on the west coast and go east. Then again, MOST people also don’t travel the north shore of the St. Lawrence when they cycle to St. John’s. As such, I am not most people (for better or worse). Plus, the thought of flying out to B.C. only to pedal back to Ontario doesn’t really appeal to me. And so, I’ll be going the hard way. And yes, it will be another solo journey. So, here I go again on my own. Going down the only road I’ve ever known. Like a hobo I was born to walk alone. And I’ve made up my mind. I ain’t wasting no more time. Here I go again. (I warned you I was going to “borrow” a few more words). And for those that aren’t familiar with those words, well … it’s probably for the best.

My route to the Best, uh … I mean West coast is still somewhat vague but I figure if I see the sun setting in front of me at the end of each day’s ride then I must be heading in the right direction. As for my departure date, well … as the title reads, “Seven Days” (aka. June 1st). This time next week I hope to be on the road. And yes, since I still enjoy movie quotes, “seven days” is a movie reference … but, as far as I know, no harm will come to you from reading this post. Although, maybe I should’ve mentioned that at the start.

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