August, 2015

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Derailed Plans

Crescent City, CA

Job number one of the day was to get my bike fixed. The local bike shop opened at 9:00 and I planned to be there at that time. Or not. Well, that WAS the plan but, as so often happens, the plan didn’t exactly work out. Sure, there was someRead More…

Stopped Into A Church

Humbug Mountain State Park, OR to Crescent City, CA

It was another night of heavy wind and rain although last night the trees couldn’t do much to shelter me from the rain. They did an excellent job of blocking the wind though. The surrounding hills likely helped with that too. As for the precipitation, I woke at least fourRead More…

Trees Are Good

Cape Blanco State Park, OR to Humbug Mountain State Park, OR

The storm that was on the horizon last night moved in on schedule. Despite being sheltered by trees, I woke numerous times throughout the night to the sound of rain pelting my tent. I can only imagine what it would’ve been like without the trees there to protect me. TheRead More…

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