November, 2015

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Happy-ish Thanksgiving!

Bay St. Louis, MS to Gulfport, MS

There are good days. There are bad days. And then there are days that are just a bust. Today was a bust. No, nothing bad happened. No injuries – other than my ongoing toothache. No mechanical issues. The only thing that stood out on the day was the wind. Again.Read More…

Battle Of New Orleans

New Orleans, LA to Bay St. Louis, MS

New Orleans may be The Big Easy, but clearly that has nothing to do with difficulty level of leaving the city on a bicycle. Of the things that are easy, that is not one of them. Of course, that’s not so much the fault of the city but rather theRead More…

Pain And No Gain

Donaldsonville, LA to New Orleans, LA

Generally speaking, my default response to pain and injuries is “ignore it and it will go away”. That has been a strategy that has seen mixed results over the years. Fortunately, I haven’t had to resort to that philosophy very often. That said, this morning began with the realization thatRead More…

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