July, 2016

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Another Day, Another First (July 27th)

Ripon to Grange Moor

Much like yesterday, I woke this morning to the sound of rain on the roof. Unlike yesterday, I was actually in my tent and so said sound was significantly louder. That said, I still managed to tune it out and go back to sleep. If nothing else, cycle touring hasRead More…

Hills, Thrills, and Fountains Abbey (July 26th)

Settle to Ripon

Yesterday afternoon’s plan to dry out my tent was a good one. The plan of not packing up my tent yesterday afternoon when the tent was actually dry was not a good one. In all honesty, I kind of forgot about it. That kind of forgetfulness proved to be moreRead More…

Settle, Not Settling (July 25th)

Dufton to Settle

Despite last night’s map reviews, I didn’t know exactly where I was heading today. I had an intermediary destination but not a final destination. I had sent out a Warm Showers request but had yet to get a response – either favourably or negatively. I decided I would set outRead More…

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