September, 2016

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And That’s (Almost) A Wrap (Sept. 4)

Today marks the official beginning of the end. If all goes well, I’ll be at a hotel near the airport in Lyon by day’s end. From there I’m a couple of flights away from being back on Canadian soil. Hard to believe. Unlike yesterday morning, I did not forego breakfast.Read More…

Almost There (Sept. 3)

At the risk of repeating myself … hmmmm … I don’t know why I say that because it’s pretty clear that I’m about to repeat myself and clearly it’s not all that risky of a proposition. If nothing else, all I’m doing is drawing attention to the repetition which mayRead More…

Bicycles and Baguettes (Sept. 2)

Besançon to Mervans

Another day another beautiful sunrise. I could get used to this. Who am I kidding? I AM used to this. Okay, maybe not the part where I’m waking up at sunrise but the beautiful sunny conditions have been great. Today’s plan was to continue to head south towards Lyon whereRead More…

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