September, 2017

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And That’s That. Now What?

East Aurora, NY to Delhi, ON

This morning began well when I confirmed that the videos I had left to upload through the night had indeed finished successfully. With work “finished” (seriously, I’m sure there will be more revisions), I set about packing up for the big day. Whether “big” is good or bad is aRead More…

It Was Wet Then It Wasn’t

Wellsville, NY to East Aurora, NY

While the title of this update essentially sums up the day, it’s not really a FULLY accurate assessment of the day. Yes, it was wet and then it wasn’t. But in between there was a progression from wet, to very wet, to VERY REALLY wet. And then it wasn’t. AtRead More…

Goodbye Pennsylvania

Wellsboro, PA to Wellsville, NY

The advantage to yesterday’s extended ride was that today would be a short ride. I mean, I guess it didn’t have to be and I could’ve just gone further but I already made arrangements with a host so I decided to stick with that plan. Due to the shorter distanceRead More…

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