Go West, Not-So-Young Man

Given the lack of updates lately (or again), it probably isn’t much of a surprise to learn that there hasn’t been much cycling or travel going on … at least not by me. Eager to change that, I’m going to try something a little different for the next two months – two and a half, actually. House/dog sitting. Okay, that’s not really “different” in the sense that I’ve done both before. But only in Ontario. Well, that’s about to change.

Have bags, will travel.

I’d love say that I’m going to be heading to some tropical location to spend the blustery winter days that lie ahead but that wouldn’t be true. Well, it’s true that’d I’d love to say that but it’s not true about where I’m going. That said, in lieu of spending winter somewhere warm I’ll be spending winter somewhere beautiful. In my favourite province, actually.

In six days (i.e. Dec. 2nd) I’ll be packing up a not-so-few of my things (most of which seem to be electronically based) and heading out west to the Okanagan Valley for what I hope to be a beautiful 2.5 months. Reluctantly, I won’t be taking my bike with me – mainly because it’s a bit of a nuisance especially since I don’t know how much I’ll be able to ride it. That said, I may look into buying a used bike once I get out there – again, depending on the weather. I’m hoping I can find something for less than the price of putting my bike on the plane – I won’t rant about the cost of putting a bike on a plane but suffice it to say it seems a BIT excessive … especially since it wasn’t always that way. Anyway, I actually found a seemingly good candidate on Craigslist in Penticton but I haven’t heard a response yet. But we’ll see what happens.

For now, that’s what’s happening. Goodbye, Ontario. Hello, B.C.

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