Hackers! Grrrrrrr!!

In the event that you tried to view this site recently only to be inundated by pop-up ads and other such menacing garbage … well, I apologize. Although, it should be those hackers that added such menacing garbage to this site that should be apologizing (preferably from the bowels of h*ll). That said, I don’t expect them to be apologizing anytime soon. I guess the only solace I can take is that the hackers wasted their efforts hacking a site with about ten readers (okay, maybe 11). Sadly, I’m well aware that it will take much longer and much more effort for me to fix the problem than it took for them to create the problem. Update: I THINK I have cleaned all of the entries now – and I’m sure it took longer to fix than it did to get hacked.

And if you’re wondering, “Why don’t you just restore a backup?” Well, I’m tried that option but I didn’t had much luck doing so. Sigh.

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