Hello, B.C. (I’ve missed you)

A little over a week ago, I was getting ready to head west. I have since headed west and am now in B.C. Peachland to be exact (a wee bit south of Kelowna). And yes, it’s beautiful. Anyway, as there isn’t too much else to report this will just be a brief update (yeah, yeah … I know. I’ve said that before only to babble on for a while. Admittedly, that could happen again – but it’s not my intent!)

My first morning back in B.C. I’m home!

My flights out were great and on-time. And after nine hours (including a three hour layover in Calgary and more than a few hours of sleeping on the planes) I was back in Kelowna for the first time since I cycled here from Kitchener in 2015. If not for the fact that it’s December, I would’ve gladly cycled here again.

As for a summary of the situation thus far … well …it’s beautiful here. VERY beautiful. Not that that’s particularly (or remotely) surprising but I still feel it needed to be said. Obviously.

The next four weeks I’ll be hanging out in Peachland, B.C. Just me and Jake (a six year old Cocker Spaniel) We’re getting along great but since his owners just departed today he’s definitely missing them. I’ll attempt to distract him with plenty of belly rubs, ear scratches, and maybe the OCCASIONAL treat. Plus a few walks around this beautiful area. Side note: The Super Moon on Sunday night was stunning as it rose and reflected brightly on Lake Okanagan. I wasn’t able to get any good shots that night but I did take some video of the area the next day. Cue the video …

One Comment to Hello, B.C. (I’ve missed you)

  1. Michael says:

    Hi there…

    Glad to know you got out there safely. That is always a good thing!

    Your drone footage is almost justification to get one of my own, but then again, what would I REALLY do with it!

    Have a good stay in Peachland and try to remember to at least do a few updates on the Crisis site!

    All the best!

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