My Favourite Least-Favourite Day

It had been more than a few days since I’d seen the sun
but what a stunning return!

The Winter Solstice has arrived. The long dark days which have been getting darker by the day have reached the end of their journey. And while that means today is the darkest day of the year (i.e. my Least-Favourite day), it also means that from here on the days only get brighter (i.e. my Favourite Least-Favourite day). Before you know it Daylight Saving Time will be upon us and the glorious days of summer will follow (somewhat) shortly thereafter. Yes, there will be more cold and snow to … uh … weather … but there’s light (and warmth) at the end of the tunnel. Okay, sure … we’re at the furthest opposite end of that tunnel but at least the end is now in sight. Happy Winter Solstice to all!

And yes, I’m aware of the overwhelming lack of entries since my arrival in B.C. That said, I have posted a few videos and photos on my Instagram account because, not surprisingly, in this part of the country a picture says a whole lot more than I can type … and it says it a WHOLE lot better.

Sometimes you just have to build a snowman.

But, as a general update, things are going very well. Up until a few days ago I was actually still looking at green grass. That has since been buried by more than a little snow which required starting up the snowblower. Okay, I didn’t NEED to start up the snowblower but given the more than sizeable driveway, it seemed more than appropriate. I shovelled manually a few hours later. Side note: As I cleared the driveway with the snowblower I couldn’t help but think this was the longest duration I’d ever used a snowblower. Not because of the size of the driveway. And not because we didn’t have a snowblower growing up. However, being the youngest of the family meant I was at the bottom of the totem pole when it came to access to said snowblower. Proving once again, it’s not easy being the youngest!

With the temperatures dropping significantly since the snowfall it looks pretty certain that the snow will be here for a while. At least a couple of weeks.

One Comment to My Favourite Least-Favourite Day

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Mark! Love the snowman and Jake of course. :)

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