Another Day, Another Dog

The severe lack of updates lately can pretty much be attributed to the lack of real individual adventures lately. That’s not to suggest that I’ve been bored or not doing anything. Quite the opposite. I’ve been THOROUGHLY enjoying my time in my favourite province. And even getting some freelance work done along the way.

I now find myself in location #2 of my house sitting adventure in British Columbia. If location #1 (i.e. Peachland) was small, then location #2 (i.e. Killiney Beach) is TINY. I’m in a much more remote location (ex. 15 km to the nearest store) but I’m not without any of the modern comforts of home – it just happens to be someone else’s home … and dog. And speaking of the new dog, that would be Jack in the photo above. Yes, dog #1 was Jake and dog #2 is Jack. Typically he seems to be more than a little camera shy but I managed to sneak that photo of him. Otherwise, he’s a lot of fun. As for my new location, the mountains and woods here are beautiful as are the trails that meander around and through them. Plus, there’s an ATV to assist with any excessive snow removal.

Gratuitous drone footage has been more than a little lacking because, well … it’s been VERY foggy and cloudy since my arrival in Killiney Beach. I would estimate the sun has made an appearance for all of five minutes. The forecast suggests a continuation of that pattern for the foreseeable future. I’m holding out hope that the forecast will be wrong. Sadly, it hasn’t been yet.

Either way, the lack of updates lately means that today’s photo gallery has more than a few photos – some of which I’ve posted to my Instagram account, others are being revealed for the first time (for better or worse).

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