June, 2019

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Temperature Regulation

Wenona, IL to Kewanee, IL

Last night’s camping in the pavilion resulted in a great sleep – I must’ve been tired considering the lights of the pavilion were on all night. I knew they would be and I considered moving my tent to a darker part of the park but I suspected I would beRead More…

A Three Shower Day

Ashkum, IL to Wenona, IL

After a great visit with Dave at his Capone-connected cottage, it was time to move on once again. As is frequently the case, I didn’t get away as early as I hoped because, well … there were things to chat about. But eventually, get on the way I did …Read More…

You Can Call Me Al

Rennselaer, IN to Ashkum, IL

Yesterday’s short ride would seem long compared to today’s efforts. It would be safe to say that I’m not setting any cross-country records with the pace I’ve been setting lately. But as I learned the other day, there’s more to the trip than just covering distance … although, that’s stillRead More…

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