Slacking Off

Powell, WY

After a gruelling day on the bike yesterday, I decided to make today a rest day. Ok, yeah … none of that sentence is true. Yesterday’s meagre ride of 40.51 km hardly warranted a rest day today. However, I did have a work project to finish and my original plan was to make today another short day by riding just down the road to Cody, WY and then spending the rest of the day working. However, Jan and Lucinda very generously offered to host (or put up with) me for a second night. I accepted their offer.

With that backstory/disclaimer out of the way, today was a very productive day – just not on the bike.

The morning started by heading into town with Jan for a visit to a local coffee shop where we met up with a couple of Jan’s friends – including Scott from the previous night and Morgan … a fellow drone pilot – although his experience is significantly more vast than mine. But as he said so accurately said, “every drone pilot has a story” – and those stories typically don’t end well for the drone. Oh, and no, I haven’t become a coffee drinker … at all. I had hot chocolate. And it was delicious. I mean, it’s chocolate. And it’s hot.

My home for TWO nights. Thanks Jan and Lucinda.

Anyway, there were good times talking cycling, routing, drones, routing, grizzly bears, routing, grizzly bears. Oh, and there may have also been a delicious chocolate torte. Thanks Morgan!

After our morning outing, we returned to the house where I endeavoured to finish my work project and do some writing. I’d call both efforts a success as I finished the former and temporarily got caught up again on the latter. Inevitably, only very temporarily.

With business taken care of, leisure took over. Jan and I sat outside enjoying both the weather and a beer. Oh, and Jan was interested in seeing the drone in action so we did that too. Fortunately, no new drone horror stories were created.

Later on, there was another delicious dinner and more fun times talking with Jan and Lucinda – so many fun stories. I have to say that Jan and Lucinda have really gone above and beyond. Not just in allowing me to stay with them for two nights, but they’re just such generous and fun people. And they’ve been incredibly helpful in route planning, too. In fact, my route has changed dramatically as a result. “How?”, you may ask. Well, I’d never actually heard the phrase “hard-sided camping” but apparently it’s a thing. And it’s a thing that was very relevant to my situation. Essentially, if you’re going to camp in Yellowstone then your domicile needs to have actual hard walls due to the presence of grizzly bears. Who knew? Well, apparently Jan (and many others other than me). So, my original plan of cycling through Yellowstone faced a bit of a hiccup given the lack of hard walls on my tent. Jan helped come up with an alternate route that would not only limit my exposure to grizzlies (which I deemed to be a good thing), but would also get me into another state AND should keep me on schedule to get to Salt Lake City on August 12th. Both of which I also deemed to be good things.

Yup, all things considered, I’d call that a successful day.

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