August, 2019

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The Beginning. And The End.

Murray, UT to Nephi, UT

Warning: If you’re not sitting comfortably, you might want to do something about that before reading any further – this is likely to be a long update. After a 17-day pedalling hiatus in Philadelphia and India, it was time to get back on the bike and close the gap betweenRead More…

Back Where I Belong

My flight to Salt Lake City has me once again in my rightful place in Economy Class and is serving as a good transition back into my reality. Sure, the seats are significantly more “cozy” and the food significantly less swanky (actually, there is NO food other than snacks) thanRead More…

First Class

Having spent the day (Monday) touring Delhi, our travel day back to Philadelphia was destined to be a long one as our flight didn’t depart until about 1:00 AM on Tuesday. The upside was that we would once again be flying in comfort at the front of the plane. TheRead More…

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