Now Boarding: SLC to PHL

My luck on this trip thus far has definitely skewed to the “Good” side of the scale. There’s been a complete lack of flat tires or broken spokes (although, that’s likely more attributable to good gear than good luck but luck doesn’t hurt), the rain has mostly fallen in the non-riding hours, I’ve had MANY more than expected days with a tailwind or no wind, and I’ve met a lot of great and generous people along the way. In that last regard, Joe and Christy definitely continue that trend. Particularly memorable since it was just a fortuitous coincidence that I met Joe at Devils Tower.

My 9:59 departure actually was closer to an 11:15 departure

From the moment I arrived at Joe and Christy’s place I was welcomed generously by the whole family. I really enjoyed having dinner with them and chatting into the evening. Just really great and interesting people. Their generosity extended even further last night when Joe offered to drive me to the airport rather than take an alternate form of transportation.

Said drive to the airport went well and I arrived at my gate with plenty of time to spare. Just as I like it.

In fact, despite the aforementioned good luck, I actually ended up having even more time to spare than expected as my detour to India got off to a slightly rough start when my flight from Salt Lake City to Philadelphia was delayed for about 40 minutes. After that, there was a bit of a backup on the runway before we were finally cleared for takeoff. That said, my arrival in Philadelphia ended up only being about 30 minutes late – I think the pilots were speeding to make up some time. I had no problems with that.

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