Back Where I Belong

Admittedly, today’s headline leaves a fair bit of room for interpretation. I mean, where do I REALLY belong? If I was currently somewhere with a temperature that never (or at least rarely) went below 25°C (77°F), well … that would certainly put me back where I belong. The same could be said for being back on my loaded bike, cruising down a hill (gentle or steep) with a friendly tailwind (and probable dehydration) as my companion. However, that’s not the case either. It would seem there are a few places I belong.

As morning views go, I like this one.

As it stands, I currently find myself belonging at “home” … in someone else’s house. For the third consecutive year – and after an absence of a little over ten months – I now find myself house (and dog) sitting in BC. Peachland, BC to be precise. And yes, it’s as beautiful as always – with a name like Peachland, how could it not be? Side note: While Winter is certainly scenic here, I really need to look into coming back here in the warmer months – specifically early August. As I discovered as I pedalled through the area back in 2015, the peaches here are … well, perfect. And peaches have always been my favourite.

One notable adjustment I needed to face upon my arrival was getting used to shorter days again. Just as Ontario was starting to enjoy sunset times beyond 5:00 PM, I found myself once again facing sunsets of 4:30 PM. Well, 4:37 PM to be exact. On the upside, after being here a week, sunsets are approaching the 5:00 PM threshold. Oh, and there are mountains. And a lake view. So yes, things are pretty good out here.

Personally, I prefer nature’s cloud over the online version.

As for those mountains, on one of my first mountain hikes last week, I found myself walking in a cloud. Literally. And while I spend my fair share of working-time making use of the internet’s version of a cloud, I find nature’s version of clouds far more impressive. That said, nature’s version doesn’t allow me to work remotely – ANYWHERE. For that, I need the online version and a decent internet connection. Fortunately, I have a great internet connection here in Peachland … now all I need to do is find a project in need of a video editor!

While I wait/hope for an influx of editing projects, at least I have time to work on some small personal projects and take the opportunity to explore the mountain trails in the area. I have to say it’s VERY nice living on the side of a mountain and being able to hike in the mountains without having to drive anywhere first! And it’s pretty remarkable the difference just a few hundred feet make when it comes to the amount of snow on the ground. On one hike, we (i.e., me and the dog) started walking on a thin layer of snow. A few hundred feet of elevation later and it was knee deep. And with the aforementioned dog being a cocker spaniel, well … knee deep for me was dog-deep for him! Commendably, he was a trooper and pressed on … although, I’m not sure he entirely approved of my improvised trail used to descend the mountain. In hindsight, I probably could have found an easier (and safer) route. It was fun though!

Either way, the question still remains … Where do I REALLY belong?

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