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Trip, Interrupted

Clearfield, UT to Murray, UT

After 56 days since setting out on this tour, it was a bit hard to believe that today would be my last riding day before getting on a plane to Philadelphia and then India. Just to confirm, it’s just my last riding day FOR NOW. The BIG plan is stillRead More…

The Tonight Dough

Brigham City, UT to Clearfield, UT

With the days and distance dwindling remarkably quickly, I woke this morning very much aware that I was just two days away from Salt Lake City. It’s a bit hard to believe how much ground has been covered in the past seven weeks. In many ways it seems like itRead More…

First-World Fiascos

Devil Creek Reservoir, ID to Crystal Hot Springs, UT … or not.

As a matter of clarification – or perhaps confusion – I just want to say that I really don’t know the name of last night’s wrong/right campground. Google shows the reservoir as “Devil Creek Reservoir”. The big sign at the entrance to the campground similarly reads, “Devil Creek RV Park”.Read More…

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