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I’m At The Wrong Campground. Or Am I?

Pocatello, ID to Devil Creek Reservoir, ID

My attempt to get to bed at a reasonable hour last night was moderately successful. It all depends on your definition of “reasonable”. In my case, it was shortly after 11:00 PM. My plan was to get up at 5:30 AM, raid the continental breakfast at 6:00 AM and beRead More…

A Museum For Potatoes, Who Knew?

Idaho Falls, ID to Pocatello, ID

The hours between my head hitting the pillow and my alarm going off went by far faster than I expected. Or would’ve liked. Apparently a comfortable bed and pillows can have that effect. In order to stay on schedule for my August 12th arrival in Salt Lake City, my planRead More…

Short But Productive

Rexburg, ID to Idaho Falls, ID

To say that last night was a nice one would be an understatement. The skies were clear when I went to bed and it was warm enough that I left the door of the tent fly open … well, for most of the night. At some point during the nightRead More…

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