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Omar Jamal wrote on March 15, 2019:
Hi Mark,
I usually go through your blog when I visit the warmshowers website which I hadn't done in some time. Its been quite some time since your trip to Miami. Good luck with your travels and the documentary.
Bonnie Schneider wrote on December 30, 2018:
I still check your blog periodically, Happy New Year Mark.
Michael Weinstein wrote on December 4, 2018:
Hi there...

For what it is worth, you can tag two more readers for your current blog traffic.

Betty and I are paying attention and looking foreward to whatever stories you can conjure up in BC!

Travel safe and have fun!

M & B.
Tara F wrote on July 7, 2017:
Is it possible to take a bad picture in Africa? They're all amazing. Of course you're not exactly new at this either. ha ha I've honestly never had a notion to visit before but that may have changed. So gorgeous!
Mike wrote on July 19, 2016:
Great to see you enjoying Scottish weather Mike. I remember motorcycling around Scotland for five days. It rained for four of them. Stood under a tree to get out of it for wee while. Locals said "Scottish summer," was June 28th! Enjoy the rest of your journey of British Isles.
Michael wrote on June 8, 2016:
Let me be the first (if I'm luck) person to submit the inaugural guestbook entry on the new leg. We wish you well and safe travels! Enjoy the new sleeping bag - good to see that at least one company recognizes the value of what you are doing and the bit of marketing potential it has! All the best! We'll be reading!
Gabriela wrote on February 25, 2016:
Glad to know you're back in Florida! Will you be coming through Bell or Gainesville (Betsy's town) again, do you think?? We'd love to see you!!!
Tony Mercado wrote on January 31, 2016:
Hey Mark this Tony from Quest Air, I'll be checking your site to read about this great adventures. I hope your doing OK.
Robyn wrote on January 29, 2016:
Hi Mark. I'm looking forward to following your latest adventures.
Sherlock wrote on December 10, 2015:
Obvious. Your bike knew it was the last ride of this adventure. At least it didn't pull a Blue's Brothers car demise...
So Jealous wrote on December 9, 2015:
YOU SO ROCK! CONGRATS!! Utterly amazing feat, my friend. Very, very proud of all you've accomplished. Put those feet up for a while! (In those shorts... LOL)
Aunt Marilyn wrote on December 9, 2015:
It was a pleasure to follow all your journey and to have you finish at our southern home. Congratulations on your accomplishments and we look forward to your return sometime soon.
Tracy wrote on December 8, 2015:
Here's to a vanquished toothache! Sure enough was a grand visit with you here in Bell; know you are welcome your next time around.
Adrian Verwegen wrote on December 8, 2015:
Followed your blog for 13,000 kms, from Ontario to Schalamar. I've been in Schalamar for 11 winters. My trip down is usually only 2000 kms...!!!!!
Congratulations on your EPIC, journey..!!!
Gabriela wrote on December 7, 2015:

maybe it's a Canadian thing? ,-)
Susan Straley wrote on December 7, 2015:
Great to have you visit. Let me know where to send that picture of you on George's trike.

May your travels continue to satisfy your soul.
Gabriela wrote on December 6, 2015:
Mark - so glad you decided to stop in Bell with us! I saw your hang gliding videos. Very cool! I think Tracy would definitely love to try it. Me, ummm maybe? I hope the road continues to be kind to you & God Bless! ,-)
Robyn wrote on December 2, 2015:
Congrats on making it to Florida Mark! I hope your tooth problems get resolved very soon.
cass wrote on November 28, 2015:
Pick up a new camera and a good set of teeth and you should make it to Fla. If that's not possible grab a hot chick at one of your next stops and head back to Waterloo County and we can have a homecoming party. I am sure all your friends back here will be OK with that. Take care and HAPPY motoring..
Brad wrote on November 22, 2015:
Hey Mark...I may have a place for you to stay in Mobile, Alabama. Check your email. Brad

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  1. Robyn says:

    Congrats on making it to Florida Mark! I hope your tooth problems get resolved very soon.

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