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cass wrote on November 20, 2015:
If u keep cool u will never sweat but I have not been able to find a solution to keeping the rain out.Now that the Subway maverick has been given 15years u may have a hard sell to get their sponsorship.Taking your Dad to Niagara on your money problems may be over.Take care and HAPPY BIKING.
Marleah Stout wrote on November 4, 2015:
Can't wait to see you, Mark. Cuba will be a blast!
Aunt Marilyn wrote on October 31, 2015:
We are settled back in Schalamar in Florida and hope to see you sometime in the near future. Hope you don't get into all those storms and rains in southern Texas.
Aunt Marilyn
cass wrote on October 30, 2015:
Try camping at the local fire station and tell them you have permission from the boys back home to request a free night.Take care and watch out for wild horses and giant spiders.Heading to the Ranger game tonight as they are undefeated so far this year.Saurkraut is brewing and bagging day is Dec.7.Talk to you soon.
Doug Cassidy wrote on October 28, 2015:
Hope all is going well and you have clear sailing the rest of the way. I just finished being with all the boys and your Dad making saurkraut and all went great.I was talking to your buddy who is the new voice of the Rangers and he wonders how you do all that crazy biking across Canada and the States.Stay cool and you will never sweat and see you when you get back.
Doug Cassidy
Geoff Mc Kenzie wrote on October 24, 2015:
Hi Mark, I am Geoff from Balboa Island. I have read where you are looking forward to Hurricane Patricia !
I have donated to your Subway addiction with no strings attached. BUT......If you happen to pass a Ford dealer in the middle of nowhere and need a rest, pop in and ask if they have a F4TZ 3600B. It is a steering wheel for my newly restored F150 truck. When you call dealers here and ask them they tell you there is not one in the country, anywhere ! Maybe there is one on a shelf somewhere.
Have a continued safe ride....Following your progress regularly.

Anne Drummond wrote on October 9, 2015:
Hi Mark, Anne of the Tiny House here,I am following your blog with delight and am glad you are continuing eastwards cos that means more vicarious fun for me. Our trip to Switzerland was amazing, Switzerland is a cyclists heaven. I wrote a journal on Crazyguy so if you need any enticement to cycle in Switzerland have a look at the journal "Clean, green and hilly".
Anyway all the very best on your travels and thanks for a wonderful blog.
Aunt Marilyn wrote on October 2, 2015:
We have enjoyed all your stories and pics of your trip down the Pacific coast and you are now heading for Fl and so are we in 3 weeks. We will be in Schalamar by Oct. 25 and we look forward to seeing you, once again, sometime in Nov. Aunt Marilyn
John Crewson wrote on September 2, 2015:
Hi Mark, I was told about your site from your brother Steve. I was cycling in Norfolk County, where your brother lives and heard about your travels, had to visit your site to find out more about this adventurist guy! Congrats, you are certainly living the cycling dream. Stay well and keep the excitement going!
Slogging back in ON wrote on August 31, 2015:
Well, holy moly! Bravo, my friend!! We're back from the UK and I definitely think you need to add that to your challenges. After driving THOSE nutty roads and blowing a tire and all, I can say that YOU are living luxury :)

I've got so much to catch up on... so will fit in some reading this week. Bravo also on what appears to continue to be an epic adventure! No really - YOU are the king of the kick-ass cycle club! (Now if only we could get those sponsors to see that, huh?) LOL Keep at it. Safe pedaling!
Michael wrote on August 25, 2015:
Hi Natasha, I've been following this blog since it started last year.

Since you are a Subway store owner, have you browsed through a few pages of this blog? I've lost track but there must have been 30 or 40 subway store photos. This is such an awesome opportunity for Subway to get some good mileage (no pun intended) from a feel good story.

Maybe you can share the link and Subway exposure with your head office! I'd hate know how much this guy has spent on Subway food. 2 or 3 subs a day - and all of his trip to Newfoundland and down to the keys last year too!
Mark wrote on August 24, 2015:
Hi Natasha. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've sent the photos to you via e-mail. Let me know if you received them.
natasha wrote on August 24, 2015:
Made ur subs from subway in Kamloops! Seen u took photos of my store before and after. Did u still have any of them! :-)
Aunt Marilyn wrote on August 16, 2015:
Hi Mark; Congratulations on getting to Vancouver. Your trip has truly been remarkable again this year and always enjoyable to read and watch your progress. Good luck on the next stage. Aunt Marilyn & Uncle Jack
stan wrote on August 13, 2015:
Hi Mark,

Met you briefly at the Princeton visitor centre as you were leaving. Could not believe the load you were carrying (hope it's not all your midlife baggage ;)

We were off to get fruit in Keremeos and saw you again as we passed going through Manning Park, I was impressed with your time and distance considering the hills and construction! If you go through Hope and need a meal or shower drop me a line. Bon voyage et bon courage.
Alex Trebek wrote on August 13, 2015:
Ooh, sorry. You didn't phrase your answer in the form of a question. And I'll have to consult the judges. Jannine has provided an alternate answer in the comment section of that update.
Michael wrote on August 13, 2015:
Jennifer, Jill, and Devon would be our second cousins. Their mothers are our cousins so that make the children of our cousins, second cousins. That was an easy one Alex. Carry on!
Mark wrote on August 6, 2015:
Thanks very much Scott! I'll keep you posted on my progress.
Robyn wrote on August 5, 2015:
Congrats on making it all the way to BC! Your photos are stunning.
Scott from Oakland wrote on August 4, 2015:
My kids got a kick out of the shout out on your blog. Hope all is well. You have a place in the East Bay, if needed. Safe travels.

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  1. Robyn says:

    Congrats on making it to Florida Mark! I hope your tooth problems get resolved very soon.

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