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Nanc wrote on September 27, 2014:
Trivia question answer: I'm going with BIG. And the thingy is white M with blue background. We're still enjoying all the posts. Stay safe :)
jacqueline wrote on September 24, 2014:
Hey Mark, just checking to see how you are doing, apparently you're doing A-okay. You have truly become a street peddler. Nice one. Check in again soon. Stay safe and I am not going to say have fun, because you are.
Janis wrote on September 24, 2014:
Hello Mark! I hope you are having a great trip. You have had a lot of adventures so far. Keep hydrated.
Aunt Marilyn wrote on September 6, 2014:
Wonderful surprise for your Dad and even better that it happened at Cheers. We have been there and a great place to see. Enjoy your time with your family; the hurricane season is June to Oct so you are in the middle of it so stay safe.
Nanc wrote on September 6, 2014:
I can't believe you were at that game tonight! There was some good old ball playing. And old fashion game in an old fashion place.
Dads secretary wrote on September 1, 2014:
Hi Mark... I've had my secretary submit this post.
I am enjoying reading all of your postings. I am accessing it from Stan's computer. Have fun and travel safe.

MJW for Dad.
Aunt Marilyn wrote on August 31, 2014:
So glad to know you have recovered and are enjoying the beautiful NS scenery that I know so well and I do recognize all the pics you have taken. Your Lawrencetown beach pics are probably not far from a cousin of mine. Slow down and take time to enjoy the magnificent scenery along the coastline as you travel to Yarmouth (eg.Peggy's Cove, Queensland beach, Chester,Mahone Bay, Lunenberg, etc).Keep healthy, nourished and hydrated; your godmother is keeping close watch!!
Sherlock wrote on August 29, 2014:
Clearly, this corpse on the side of the road was not struck by a car, gored by a bear, impaled by a moose, or sideswiped by a lorry, as everyone else has assumed! His cranium shows the tell-tale signs of brain-freeze from excessive oxygen intake, despite the attempt to conserve heat with the overgrowth of extreme facial hair. The imploded irises are a result of visual blurring of incessant asphalt grey. The lack of sustenance is evidenced by the skid marks on his calves, where the exposed flesh shows only emaciated veins and strained musculature. Therefore, I deduce that this withered fellow clearly forgot that one is supposed to STOP AND ENJOY oneself when on a sojourn of great distance and not make each day a person endurance test, the likes of which would make Olympians moan. Obvious, isn’t it?
Nanc wrote on August 29, 2014:
When in Halifax you need to head to pizza corner and don't forget the Donair sauce! Oh and don't miss the MEC. One of my favourite places is the view of the city/harbour from the top of Citadel Hill at night. You can set your watch to the noon day gun. It makes me jump every time. Enjoy!
NancLynnAlison wrote on August 27, 2014:
It's mustard! They rotate it with the potatoes to kill Wireworm which is bad for the potatoes. That's right from the islanders mouth! They talk about it all the time. It makes Alison's life rough. By the way ... she makes fries for a living! Too bad mustard doesn't go on fries :)
Kim wrote on August 21, 2014:
Doubts? None.

Expectations? A few.

LOLs? Lots.

Congrats? Bloody right. WELL DONE YOU!!!!

Holy crap, Mark. My sis and I have been following along and are astounded, not only by your cojones, but by the shear dumb luck you seem to carry around!!!
(oh.. ok… perhaps a little skill, too :)

Bravo, my friend. You amaze me.
Aunt Marilyn wrote on August 21, 2014:
Congratulations on getting to St. John's and enjoying the local traditions. Now that you have decided to travel to my birthplace I know you will enjoy Halifax.
Robyn wrote on August 20, 2014:
Congrats on making it to St. John's. I think you should get screeched in and kiss a cod. I'm waiting for some photos of your hosts to be posted (if they're willing).
Ed Hummel wrote on August 18, 2014:
Fantastic. You have finished a great adventure. I too love cycling but have never achieved such a feat but do understand the trials and great joy it brings.
Tara F wrote on August 18, 2014:
Ruby wrote on August 18, 2014:
Congratulations - that's truly amazeballs! (Not a word you say? look it up in the Oxford dictionary)
Scott wrote on August 18, 2014:
Some would say "brave", others... "loco" (e.g. Spaniards) but either way.... well done Mark!
Michael wrote on August 17, 2014:
Nothing more to say than "Congratulations Brother - well done!"
Bonnie Schneider wrote on August 17, 2014:
Hey Mark, I've been checking on your blog every few days, very entertaining, and energenic. Good luck with the rest of your journey.
Betty wrote on August 16, 2014:
By the time you read this, you will have made it to 'Fixed', sitting with a well-deserved beverage. Congratulations Mark - we're proud of you! What a journey. Enjoy the sights of St. John's. If you feel like doing any side trips while you are there I found a uniquely-named village called Bacon Cove you might want to check out. Population 124. Maybe they serve bacon with their fish entrees!

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  1. Robyn says:

    Congrats on making it to Florida Mark! I hope your tooth problems get resolved very soon.

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