Crescent City

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My Eureka Moment

Crescent City, CA to Eureka, CA

Some days just don’t go as planned. This was not one of those days. The main reason for that is that there was absolutely no plan for the day. In hindsight, perhaps there should’ve been at least something that vaguely resembled a plan. I was ready to go somewhat earlyRead More…

How’d That Happen?

Crescent City, CA

It’s hard to believe but somehow it’s September. How is that summer can pass so quickly and winter seems to last forever? Perhaps it has something to do with not living further south. Hopefully my plan of heading in that direction will extend the all-too-short summer season as it didRead More…

Derailed Plans

Crescent City, CA

Job number one of the day was to get my bike fixed. The local bike shop opened at 9:00 and I planned to be there at that time. Or not. Well, that WAS the plan but, as so often happens, the plan didn’t exactly work out. Sure, there was someRead More…

Stopped Into A Church

Humbug Mountain State Park, OR to Crescent City, CA

It was another night of heavy wind and rain although last night the trees couldn’t do much to shelter me from the rain. They did an excellent job of blocking the wind though. The surrounding hills likely helped with that too. As for the precipitation, I woke at least fourRead More…

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