June, 2015

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To Portage La Prairie And Beyond

Winnipeg, MB to Sidney, MB

This morning definitely had its share of ups and downs. The upside was that it was a beautiful sunny day, with little to no wind. The downside was that I had to say goodbye to Ian and Sheri who have been fantastic Warm Showers hosts. They were great in allRead More…

Wandering in Winnipeg

This morning began with a great thunder and lightning storm. I don’t know at what time it began because I was in a pretty deep (and blissful) slumber at the time. I also don’t know if it moved in as quickly as I feel like it did or if IRead More…

Middle Ground

Prawda, MB to Winnipeg, MB

The westward journey across Canada by bicycle is generally deemed more difficult than an easterly route because of the prevailing winds. They’re called prevailing winds for a reason. And they come from the west. Sometimes with great determination and strength. I was well aware of this before I started thisRead More…

Crossing Borders

Kenora, ON to Prawda, MB

The best part of waking up after a night in a motel is not having to pack up a tent – a tent that is generally wet, I might add. Today was no different but there was an added bonus. Not only did I wake knowing there was no tentRead More…

I Can’t Find My Legs

Vermilion Bay, ON to Kenora, ON

With a tailwind helping me to Kenora yesterday, it wasn’t all that surprising that a headwind was in store for me today. That said, I think I have to give the headwind less credit (or blame) for my slow progress today. I was just sluggish. Maybe having two large bagsRead More…

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